GAS BKK VS GAS HK – 4th March 2017

This past Saturday GAS BKK took on the travelling GAS HK in a game whereby the conditions were flipped in the sense of players being in terrible shape and the pitch in perfect condition!

Having been advised that GAS HK were the reigning champions of the HK amateur football league GAS BKK were heading into this game somewhat nervily, with a bare bones team including two late drop outs totalling 12 players. Never ideal in 35 degrees heat but GAS BKK took care of business nonetheless.

With the majority of GAS HK looking like they’d not slept all week and smelling like they had drank soi 11 dry the night before, GAS BKK came out the traps flying and themselves 2-0 in under 10 minutes through the two center midfielders Dom and Craig. GAS HK clearly not expecting such a strong start, they began to have not so quiet, nor subtle words with one another on the pitch and attempted to actually get out of their mental bed.

Regardless of their efforts they found themselves trailing by……. actually we can’t really remember the order in which the goals went in bar the first two though to summarise – the game was a relatively decent one (from the perspective of the sober team!) GAS HK managed to score 2 goals, their second being a very good solo goal from their Italian Stallion full back but apart from that, there was not much to write home about for them. They did show glimpses of their quality with moving the ball around well though more often than not their attacks falling short in the final third which was either due to quality defending or being too drunk and tired to run. We’ll let you go figure.

The final score finished 6-2 to GAS BKK in the nicely played out friendly between the neighbours.

Big shout out to Captain Carl for organising the match as well purchasing the Champions League esque trophy. Also thank you to GAS HK for turning up and playing despite nursing horrendous hangovers.

MOM – Gav Fausset (GAS BKK’ best player)

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